Fascinating video answers how far we can travel in space

Even if humanity developed technology for interstellar travel, there’s still no chance we’ll ever get to visit dark corners of the observable universe. Space is simply expanding too fast for us to travel the distance necessary to actually see anything. You think driving through the desert is boring because there’s not much to see? Consider… Read More »

Madden NFL 17’s cover athlete is…. Rob Gronkowski

Oh no! Hopefully the Madden-curse has been dispelled enough over recent seasons to not cast its lingering shadow over this year’s totally excellent choice for cover athlete. EA has chosen none other than the New England Patriot’s tight-end Rob Gronkowski to grace the cover of Madden 17. Rob Gronkowski is a 4x Pro-bowler, Super Bowl… Read More »

Why Apple’s $1 billion investment in China is a smart move

Apple, which has spent billions on things like research and development, is often very quiet when it comes to acquisitions or investments in outside firms. Thursday, the company said it invested $1 billion in a Chinese version of Uber named Didi Chuxing. It’s a smart investment. It’s a lot of money, for sure, but it’s… Read More »